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The Art of Whistling

Once upon a time, I received the following message from friend and filmmaker (and whistler) Ien Chi:

Dude, if I were to enter the International Whistler’s Convention where they have an international competition for whistlers in North Carolina, would you be willing to skip two days of classes to film the whole thing with me?

Absolutely, I said. And in mid-April, we packed up minimal camera equipment and headed to Louisburg to meet whistlers from all over the world and capture their stories here:

Even beyond what the video reveals, the weekend churned out many incredible conversations with numerous characters from all over – creating an interesting juxtaposition between small-town-American culture and a global community. Ien and I learned a ton – more than we expected from a spontaneous weekend away from school – as IWC shattered our expectations and presented something better. I think that’s the purpose of just getting in your car and going: to experience something new, to find answers to questions that you didn’t even think to ask in the first place.

Edit – And our spontaneous experience has landed us Best Film and Best Story at this year’s Beneath the Earth Film Festival – congratulations to Ien for another film festival title!