The Emory Wheel: Munich

Last March, I visited my friend Josh in Germany and spent a little over a week sleeping in trains or on stranger’s living room floors as we bummed around the southern part of the country, crossing into Switzerland and¬†serendipitously finding ourselves as far south as Milan.¬†I certainly have plenty of stories to tell from this brief travel experience, which will be told in time.

I’ve begun to exercise my loyalties to The Emory Wheel (as this year’s photography editor) by using it is a great outlet to publish slice-of-life travel stories. Check out a short excerpt posted in last Friday’s issue: ‘Munich’


On the Aegean Sea

Joseph Conrad, “Youth”:

And this is how I see the East. I have seen its secret places and have looked into its very soul; but now I see it always from a small boat, a high outline of mountains, blue and afar in the morning; like faint mist at noon; a jagged wall of purple at sunset. I have the feel of the oar in my hand, the vision of a scorching blue sea in my eyes. And I see a bay, a wide bay, smooth as glass and polished like ice, shimmering in the dark. A red light burns far off upon the gloom of the land, and the night is soft and warm.